Book Haul: August 2016

A book haul FULL of amazing reads just begging to be read!

Some of you may know, my husband and I are making a big life change… we’re boxing up our home in Denver and heading to Reno to be closer to our families. So over the past week I’ve had the task of boxing up some things. The first to go were my books. My husband brought a box up into my office and said hey start packing. I was like yeah okay it should be easy right well it set off an anxiety attack… I couldn’t stand the thought of an empty bookshelf for the month. Turns out though, the TBR stack sitting on the floor… it fills up my almost empty shelf ha! And I thought I’d only need a few boxes. I’m already at two and I have a good feeling I’m going to need a LOT more!

Anyways, over the month of August I’ve been able to add more great reads to the TBR shelf! I’m so excited for these reads. Have you read any of them?

Order your copies of the August reads from Amazon:

The Muse by Jessie Burton

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Good As Gone by Amy Gentry

Keep Her by Leora Krygier

After You by Jojo Moyes

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

The Writers Room by Justen Davila

TBR: July 2016

A great stack of books I hope to finish in July…

Hey friends! I’ve debated whether or not I wanted to actually do a TBR pile this month… I’ve been so terrible lately about sticking to it and end up choosing whatever calls to me, but I really wanted to get through this pile because the amazing BookSparks sent some really great reads my way in their July box. So, I’d love to get through them since a majority will be released this very month! WOO!! Stay tuned for full reviews as I work my way through. I’m currently reading You Will Know Me. What’s your first read of the month??

Purchase your copies from Amazon here:

You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

The Choices We Make by Karma Brown

So Close by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Untethered by Julie Lawson Timmer

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

Sweet Tooth Volume 6

I Hate Fairyland

Book Review: Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

I can’t get enough of Joe Goldberg!

READ NOW | 5/5 stars | Buy your copy of Hidden Bodies

We pick up right were You left off. Joe’s left alone (again) and he decides to follow Amy to Hollywood to convince her to be with him. However, while searching for Amy, Joe finds another woman who catches his eye, Love. She even steals his heart. True love is all he’s ever wanted and with Love, that’s what he gets. Will his life with Love continue on this happy path or will Joe’s past finally catch up to him?

What I loved: 
Characters had more depth and development, addicted to such an unfavorable type of character, and ended up being left quite surprised!

What I didn’t: Frustrating at times as Joe chases two women… commit already!

If you liked You (first book in this duology), He Will Be My Ruin, anything by Gillian Flynn, or the TV show Dexter then: read this because I couldn’t get enough of Joe!

For my full review of Hidden Bodies, click play!

Book Review: He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker

“This man was once my salvation. Now he will be my ruin.”

Gripping | 5/5 stars | Buy your copy of He Will Be My Ruin

Maggie receives a devastating phone call about her best friend, Celine. The police tell Maggie that Celine has committed suicide, but she doesn’t believe it even if all the evidence does point to suicide. Maggie’s suspicion grows after finding clues like this, “This man was once my salvation. Now he will be my ruin.” Becoming more confident that Celine was murdered, she hires a Private Investigator and promises to get this case solved.

What I loved: 
Throws you straight into all the action and then rewinds to reveal how we got there, its hard to put down, and had me questioning EVERYONE!!

What I didn’t: Lingering questions…Sequel?!

If you liked You, Sharp Objects, The Girl on the Train, then: grab this one. Right now.

For my full review of He Will Be My Ruin, click play!

Book Haul: February 2016

There wasn’t just one book that had me super excited… there were several!

I managed to haul 23 books (whoa) during February. You can check out the 15 books I picked up at 2nd and Charles, watch the shopping trip at 2nd and Charles, or watch below for the remaining books I picked up. There wasn’t just one book that had me super excited… there were several! Hidden Bodies, He Will Be My Ruin, Me Before You, it goes on and on!

Order your copies here:
He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker | FULL REVIEW

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes | FULL REVIEW

Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple – still on my list!

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes | FULL REVIEW

The Beautiful American by Jeanne Mackin – haven’t read it yet

*The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin

The Walking Dead – Compendium One by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn – it’s HUGE! Still working my way through…

*Full reviews coming soon!!

Book Review: You by Caroline Kepnes

“You’re going to be so sorry when you realize what you made me do… the good news is that I have no regrets.”

Be ready to be creeped out | 4/5 stars | Buy your copy of You

Joe spots Beck as she walks into the bookstore and that’s all it took for him to fall in love with her, but happens when she puts him in the friend zone?

What I loved: 
An eerie and realistic plot that hooks you instantly and leaves you wanting more, Joe’s POV and obsessive thoughts, all the pop culture references.

What I didn’t: 
It wasn’t as much of a thriller as I expected. Beware of the explicit language.

If you liked Gone Girl, The Girl on The Train, Sharp Objects, or, He Will Be My Ruin: this one is for YOU! And don’t forget to pick up the sequel, Hidden Bodies!

For my full review of You, click play!

Book Review: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn once again proves she is the queen of suspense and thrillers. I couldn’t put it down!

Must read | 5/5 stars | Buy your copy of Sharp Objects

Overview: Camille hasn’t been home in 8 years and we quickly find out why when she’s sent there to cover the death of two teenage girls.  This book is FULL of shocking moments, crazy good characters, and a huge twist you won’t see coming (like it punches you in the face).

What I loved: It kept me guessing, had a plot twist I didn’t see coming, left me with chills, and Camille’s character… vulnerable, flawed, and strong!

What I didn’t: There was too much crammed into the last few chapters.

If you like thrillers such as The Girl on the Train: read this right now!

For my full review of Sharp Objects, click play!