Wrap Up: April 2016 & May TBR

My favorite April read was…

I see a reoccurring theme here… I’m overly ambitious with my TBR! I really thought I would do better, but sadly didn’t. I guess I was just too dang busy enjoying all the fun things to do in Hawaii! My favorite April read was hands down Salt to the Sea! I HIGHLY recommend it and if you haven’t read Between Shades of Gray, read that first! It is so freaking good you guys!! I hope you enjoy the video and as always, feel free to comment if you have questions about a book or if you’ve read any of these. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Wednesday friends!!

*A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro | FULL REVIEW

*Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys | FULL REVIEW

*Perfect Imperfections by Puja Mohan | FULL REVIEW

*Lumberjanes Volume 2 | FULL REVIEW

*Ms Marvel Volume 1 | FULL REVIEW

*Full reviews coming soon!

TBR: April 2016

Once again, I’ve gone a little crazy with my TBR pile.

Once again, I’ve gone a little crazy with my TBR pile. I’m going to contribute it to all the great books I want to read and own. Sadly, there’s just not enough time lately to really tackle it all. I’ll do my best though!

Order your copies here:

Perfect Imperfections by Puja Mohan

Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

Lumberjanes Volume 2 by Noelle Stevenson

Sweet Tooth Volume 1 by Jeff Lemire

Wrap Up: March 2016

My favorite read this month would be…

March was a crazy month and while I didn’t get to every book I had hoped, I’m happy with what I was able to read. My favorite read during March would have to be Me Before You. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it and the movie was pretty great too!

Order your copies from Amazon here:

Lumberjanes Volume 1

Hidden Bodies | FULL REVIEW

Between Shades of Gray | FULL REVIEW

He Will Be My Ruin | FULL REVIEW

Me Before You | FULL REVIEW

The One That Got Away | FULL REVIEW


Book Review: Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

I can’t get enough of Joe Goldberg!

READ NOW | 5/5 stars | Buy your copy of Hidden Bodies

We pick up right were You left off. Joe’s left alone (again) and he decides to follow Amy to Hollywood to convince her to be with him. However, while searching for Amy, Joe finds another woman who catches his eye, Love. She even steals his heart. True love is all he’s ever wanted and with Love, that’s what he gets. Will his life with Love continue on this happy path or will Joe’s past finally catch up to him?

What I loved: 
Characters had more depth and development, addicted to such an unfavorable type of character, and ended up being left quite surprised!

What I didn’t: Frustrating at times as Joe chases two women… commit already!

If you liked You (first book in this duology), He Will Be My Ruin, anything by Gillian Flynn, or the TV show Dexter then: read this because I couldn’t get enough of Joe!

For my full review of Hidden Bodies, click play!

Book Review: He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker

“This man was once my salvation. Now he will be my ruin.”

Gripping | 5/5 stars | Buy your copy of He Will Be My Ruin

Maggie receives a devastating phone call about her best friend, Celine. The police tell Maggie that Celine has committed suicide, but she doesn’t believe it even if all the evidence does point to suicide. Maggie’s suspicion grows after finding clues like this, “This man was once my salvation. Now he will be my ruin.” Becoming more confident that Celine was murdered, she hires a Private Investigator and promises to get this case solved.

What I loved: 
Throws you straight into all the action and then rewinds to reveal how we got there, its hard to put down, and had me questioning EVERYONE!!

What I didn’t: Lingering questions…Sequel?!

If you liked You, Sharp Objects, The Girl on the Train, then: grab this one. Right now.

For my full review of He Will Be My Ruin, click play!

Book Review: The House of Bradbury by Nicole Meier

This debut novel had me staying up way to late and waking early just to finish it.

LOVED | 5/5 stars | Buy your copy of The House of Bradbury

Overview: Mia Gladwell’s life has come crashing down. Her first book was a failure, her fiancé, Carson, cheated on her and she’s living in her sisters carriage house. When the iconic home of Ray Bradbury goes up for sale, Mia purchases the home with the help of Carson knowing all too well that there will be a debt to repay. She moves forward with hopes that inspiration will strike for her as it did for Bradbury.

What I loved: Enjoyable and quick paced. A great writing style that left me pleasantly surprised, what a gem! This debut novel had me staying up way to late and waking early just to finish it.

What I didn’t: Not getting just a little bit more of our “Boo Radley.”

For my full review of The House of Bradbury, click play!

I received a copy from BookSparks in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: The Good Neighbor by A.J. Banner

Makes you question the ones around you…

Read | 3/5 stars | Buy your copy of The Good Neighbor

Overview: Johnny and Sarah’s marriage is already on the rocks so when they lose their house and everything that was familiar is gone, they’re torn even more apart. Especially when Johnny’s secrets begin to surface…

What I loved: Makes you question the ones around you, interesting enough to keep me curious in what happened next.

What I didn’t: Too predictable and an abrupt ending.

If you liked Sharp Objects or The Girl on the Train: you’ll enjoy this.

For my full review of The Good Neighbor, click play!