Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

“Cather…” Back up to his eyes. “You know that I’m falling in love with you, right?”

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Twin sisters, Cather and Wren, have been inseparable up until their freshman year of college. Wren decides she wants her independence and Cath is left all alone. Over the course of the year, Cath begins to come out of her shell, learns to stand up for herself, creates friendships, and even falls in love.

What I loved: 
It felt so REAL. Easily connected with the characters, especially Cath. The Fan Fiction was interesting and fun. Levi and Cath!! Adorable, can’t wait to reread this again!

What I didn’t: 
not a thing.

If you liked We Were Liars, Before We Were Strangers, or If I Stay: binge read this!

For my full review of Fangirl, click play!

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